Cannavigator sheet

The table below contains a summary of all diseases amenable to cannabinoid therapy, all receptor, endocannabinoid and enzyme components of the endocannabinoid system and all plant cannabinoids that might be therapeutic, listed per disease.

We aim to expand this table to contain all cannabinoids and terpenoids with known therapeutic qualities and ultimately to produce the Therapeutic Cannavigator which will guide each patient or doctor to the best strain to combat a particular disease.

How to operate and interpret the Therapeutic Cannavigator:

Select a Disease.

Receptors will be ranked according to relevance to the Disease. Relevance is determined by biological function.

cannabinoids will be ranked by affinity for the most relevant receptors.

Strains will be ranked by profile compatibility with cannabinoids and receptors.

Rank or relevance is matched by color/transparency gradients similar to the cannabinoid-Receptor Affinity Matrix on the cannabinoid System page.

If rank cannot be determined the field will remain white.

Ranking algorithms will be updated according to the latest scientific insights.