GH Medical is an initiative of the Strain Hunters Foundation and GHM Europe and is based in The Netherlands. Our activities include consulting, conducting scientific & medical research, product development, and quality control services.
A team of scientists and experts collect and provide science-based information about cannabinoids, their biochemical interactions in your body and how cannabinoids could be used to help combat disease.
Cannabis, and its active ingredients, cannabinoids, have been reported to have therapeutic effects in diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, Autism, schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Crohn’s disease, neuropathic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine and many other disorders.
At GH Medical we aim to collect the available anecdotal evidence and where possible substantiate this with rigorous, science-based evidence. Hereto we will isolate each individual cannabinoid, test their biochemical and physiological function and most importantly their therapeutic potential, either alone or in combination with other cannabinoids.

Additionally we offer clients complete analytical testing for the usual contaminants that are found in cannabis, such as mould, fungus, bacteria, chemical residues, salts, remaining solvent and pesticides. In addition our lab offers full quantitative profiling of cannabinoids and other terpenes. GH Medical provides governments and organisations in legally regulated cannabis industries the means to protect public health with advanced chemical testing.


In this section we discuss all diseases, disorders and other dysfunctions where cannabinoids are reported to have therapeutic potential.

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The endocannabinoid system safeguards our biochemical balance

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How cannabinoids work?

o date, a total of 26 plant cannabinoids and 12 endocannabinoids have been described that have an effect on any of 40 different receptors in our body.

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Cannabinoids in your body

Cannabis or cannabinoids are often smoked but can also be ingested

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