GH Medical Partners and Affiliates:

GHM Europe B.V.
GH Medical Asia
GHM Genetic Development SL
GHM Botanicals
Green House Botanicals Limited
GHSC Trading B.V.
Stichting Strain Hunters Foundation
Gree House DRC SARL.
Green House Africa
Patchtek Inc.
Green House North America Holdings
University of Kinshasa 
National Pedagogy University 
Federal University of Piauí 
Slang Worldwide Inc.
Agripharm Inc.
NewCanna HUB

GH Medical is not affiliated or partnered with companies traded on OTC Markets, OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Markets (Pink Sheets / Penny Stocks).
GH Medical does not associate itself with companies that do not file annual or periodic reports with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).
Beware of companies publishing misleading press releases claiming to be working with GH Medical, GHM Genetic Development SL and GHM Europe B.V., as these companies are fraudulent. For me information, please contact us.