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N-acetylphosphatidylethanolamine-hydrolysing phospholipase D (NAPE-PLD) is the enzyme responsible of the biosynthesis of the endocannabinoid Anandamide.

Chemical Name

N-acetylphosphatidylethanolamine-hydrolysing phospholipase D

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Literature Discussion

NAPE-PDL is responsible for the biosynthesis of Anandamide (Liu et al., 2008; Okamoto, Tsuboi, & Ueda, 2009; Okamoto, Wang, Morishita, & Ueda, 2007; Ueda, Okamoto, & Morishita, 2005)

Deletion of NAPE-PLD influences a large number of lipids in different species and different parts of the brain (Leishman, Mackie, Luquet, & Bradshaw, 2016)

NAPE-PLD is located in the neuronal axons and its involved in the modulation of neuronal plasticity and retrograde signaling (Egertová, Simon, Cravatt, & Elphick, 2008; Nyilas et al., 2008)

NAPL-PDS expression is also downregulated in human glioma (Wu et al., 2012)

Alcohol use downregulates the expression of NAPE-PLD in microglia (Correa, De Laurentiis, & Franchi, 2016)

Multiple Sclerosis changes the expression of NAPL-PDS (Zhang, Hilton, Hanemann, & Zajicek, 2011)

NAPE-PLD expression is downregulated after proinflammatory stimuli, suggesting its role in inflammation (Zhu et al., 2011)

NAPE-PLD are co-expressed with nociceptive markers in primary sensory neurons (Sousa-Valente et al., 2017)

NAPL-PDS is upregulated in celiac disease (Battista et al., 2012)


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