At the GH Medical laboratory we offer clients complete analytical testing for the usual contaminants that are found in cannabis, such as mould, fungus, bacteria, chemical residues, salts, remaining solvent and pesticides. In addition our lab offers full quantitative profiling of cannabinoids and other terpenes.

Our Biochemical Laboratory will have three functions: the crude extraction of cannabinoids from plant material, further refinement of individual cannabinoids and chemical analysis/contaminant screening.

Crude extraction

To make extracts from plant material we will use CO2 Super-critical Fluid Extraction where all fatty components are flushed out of the plant material by high-pressured super-critical CO2.

Cannabinoid purification

To identify and purify the individual cannabinoid (and terpenoid) components of our crude extracts, we use a Liquid Chromatographer combined with Mass Spectrometry. Individual cannabinoids will be used in our Biomedical Laboratory for further characterization of their physiological and therapeutic properties.

Chemical analysis

Growth enhancers, minerals and antibiotic/anti fungal agents are often used during crop cultivation. These trace elements can end up in extracts and adversely affect the taste or even the biological activity of cannabinoid extracts. To avoid this, we routinely screen all our extracts for trace contaminants.

We also provide chemical testing of cannabinoid extracts as a service to third parties.